Candy Stripes


hi, I'm

Sex & Energy Coach. Polyamorous. Ethical Slut. Submissive Brat.

I've been a coach my entire working life - jumped from strength and powerlifting, to career alignment coaching, to energy coaching. The more work I did, the more I realized that I liked working with the mind rather than the body; to mold the latter that would, eventually, influence the former.

My journey with sex started with my own: because I was the victim of an emotionally abusive, gaslit, and sexually shameful relationship for the better part of four years. The tools I learned in recovery from that partnership have brought me where I am today: open, and vulnerable, and slutty. (And loving it.)

When I'm not coaching, catch me writing about my sexual exploits, walking my dog, or plotting my next move for the best cup of coffee.