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quick & dirty
dating app

A DIY program designed to help you find the partner of your dreams-- on a dating app.

Start taking dating apps seriously with Quick & Dirty Dating App, which will help you to: find your intention for using the app, build confidence, set up your profile, send the first message, and get some di-- a date.

the mastermind

A group setting with a twist, that's so driven by community that it's insane.

Join a group of powerful, intuitive, and open people as we navigate the inner workings of your relationship (with your partner and yourself).

Waitlist is open; start date TBA.

high-level coaching

Either 3- 0r 6-month intensive coaching hosted entirely via text [on Voxer] & weekly video calls [on Zoom].

This is the highest level package for those who are ready to completely transform their sex and sexuality, push past sexual shame, and step into their pleasure.